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The 2017 census results are in! Read here for results and possible future improvements to the subreddit.

Yes, the lovely big survey census thing I originally wanted to post a week after the bracket contest ended (but delayed to like 3 weeks) around the time we surpassed 5,000 subscribers, and I only wanted to run for 2 weeks (it's been 3). Through this time, we have received 147 responses. While these responses represent only a small part of our subscriber base (wow, we're almost at 6k scrobbles already), this is still a great amount of feedback. We've already begun making some changes based off of this feedback, and we'll talk about those and some more here in this thread.
If you missed the survey and still want to make your voice heard, it will continue to accept responses through Wednesday the 23rd of August, 2017.
Let's get right into the analysis, shall we? TL;DR: Just look through this album.
The first section focused on general census stuff, so we can figure out what kind of weirdos browse here.
A whopping 91.84% of respondents identified as a male. Females represent 6.80% of respondents, while the remaining 1.36% either chose not to identify or identified as a non-binary gender. I was expecting a male majority based off of general Reddit user stats, but holy crap this place is a sausage fest. Who would have guessed that so many guys would like to look at pictures of cute anime girls?
The average respondent is 21.9 years old, with our youngest being 14 and our oldest being 38. Oh, by the way, I did take time to remove some bogus answers. Apologies to our 1-year-old respondent, but your computer skills are an outlier.
Almost 80% of our users come from NA. Europe takes the next largest piece of the pie, while Asia, SA, and Oceania comprise the few remaining users. No African users responded to the survey. Originally I wanted this to be a dropdown menu where you could select your home country, but pasting such a large list drove Google Drive crazy. I then figured that breaking the continents down into regions would be the next best option, but then I had to include maps to show what was considered Northern America, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, etc. So, yeah, I just went with continents because it was simple and still informative. Another option could have been to list the most populous countries that Reddit is popular in and allow others to be written in (or just bunched together), but I wanted to avoid write-ins altogether. Write in questions are the easiest to setup, but they are the worst to analyze. For this example, the answers US, United States, USA, U.S., and U.S.A. would all be listed as separate answers when they should be batched together. It gets even better when you realize how great Google Drive is. I asked about users' favorite VNs later on in this survey, and there were 4 different Katawa Shoujo answers despite all of them being spelled identically.
We got brains n stuff. A breakdown of education levels: * Two-thirds of users have completed their secondary education * About 22% of users are currently enrolled in their secondary education * 31.21% of users are either enrolled in post-secondary education or have been without earning a degree * 23.40% of users have earned a degree
A majority of our users are students, which agrees with the large amount of answers in the previous question for being currently enrolled.
All of us speak English! This is great because I didn't write the survey in any other language! Spanish, Japanese, German, and French round out the top 5 spoken languages here, and one dude really wanted to let us know about his programming languages. I might make that a separate question the next time we do this.
Media Preferences and Habits
We watch a good amount of anime shows. I was interested in how close to a normal distribution these questions would be, and this one isn't very close. The median is in the 76-100 series category, which is a fair bit of anime.
We don't watch that many anime movies. This isn't too surprising, since episodic series just seem to be more common than movies overall. The median is only in the 6-10 category here. If you only watched Studio Ghibli films directed by Miyazaki, you would come up to 9 films.
We don't read that much either. There's a ton of good manga and LNs, but most of us just seem to read between a few and a couple dozen, likely limiting ourselves to series that's been adapted into anime we liked and similar to what we've already read. The median here is within 11-20 series. Coincidentally, there are 14 series that have sold more than 100 million copies.
Comedy, action, slice of life, adventure, and moe are our favorite genres. Yaoi, josei (added after ~40 responses), and sports are by far the least popular genres.
Binge watching is slightly preferred over watching a series as it airs. Overall, the two sides are almost even in combination with having no major preference.
Subs are strongly preferred over dubs. About 1/4 of users will opt for the high quality dubs, like Cowboy Bebop.
The most popular anime is the Monogatari Series. The most popular manga is Yotsubato! The most popular LN is Spice and Wolf. The most popular VN is Katawa Shoujo. The most popular fanged character is Shinobu. SO HOW DID SHE LOSE IN THE BRACKET?!?!?
A full table of favorites will be listed in the comments.
Reddit Preferences and Habits
Almost half of us have been trapped on this stupid site for more than 3 years. Imagine how much more we could have accomplished if we didn't waste our time here. Now imagine how we would have just found other time wasters instead of actually doing that stuff.
Some are selective with subscriptions, while others try to collect them all. The median here is in the 41-50 category, more than enough to fill up a front page.
Over 3 years of spending a lot of time on Reddit. Man, imagine all the anime we could've been watching instead! Median here is 16-20 hours weekly. I'm more curious about the 15 people that claim to be here over 40 hours per week. Do you all work in a job with a lot of downtime (some IT or security) or what?
Mobile browsing is slightly more popular than desktop. Our average here is a 4.31, just slightly in favor of mobile. The Reddit admins keep mentioning how mobile traffic through their official app is growing very quickly, and they recently updated their traffic states to include their own app's traffic. We've also noticed this increase. Our goal is to make this subreddit as mobile-friendly as possible. While we're still awaiting Reddit's new customization features, which will include much more customization for mobile (on their own app only, probably), but we're still open to making any changes now. We already require reputable image hosts to be used, but if Imgur starts being fucky on mobile just give us a holler.
Most of us desktop users have made Reddit bearable with RES. RES is great, it tracks how many times you've upvoted my posts! It does other stuff, too, and there are ways to customize our CSS specific to RES users, but that's not important (CSS is hard). If you don't know about RES, you can visit /Enhancement to learn more.
Reddit's official app is the most popular way to browse on mobile. This surprises me because I absolutely hate it. And why do so many people try using the mobile site? Is there a way to block that stupid pop up telling you to download the app that I haven't found? Reddit is Fun and Relay for Reddit are the most popular third-party apps, and I understand why. I used RiF for a while and it's great and simple. I've switched to Relay now because I enjoy its style just a bit more, but it's also just as easy to use and works just as well. In response to the official app's popularity, we are hoping to start using some of their styling options. For now, we've added little Holo as a mobile icon image and are working to adapt our current desktop banner to fit the mobile requirements. Note that we're still touching up on the desktop banner, though, so...
And we share a majority of our users with /awwnime, /anime, /anime_irl, and /headpats. In the near future we will find ways to leech users from these subs, but feel free to suggest some ways down below! Except the /anime_irl subs, we don't want them. It'll be okay, they're used to rejection. And shoutouts to /tyingherhairup, I like the guy that posts there.
On /CuteLittleFangs
You like us! Oh, boy, you really like us! On average you scored us a 5.38, a very respectable score. If we made this a 5-star scale, we would be scored as a 3.8 star subreddit. On the film review site Letterboxd, the following films have an average rating of 3.8 stars: Airplane!, American Psycho, Batman Begins, The Lego Movie, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Mulan, and The Goonies. Those are all great films! (Side note: How is Airplane! below 4 stars??)
I'm the best mod...? I made this required at first for shits n gigs, but I also didn't have the "I don't know them" option at the time. I made that option because it made sense, and it fucking crushed the competition. But...I still technically won so yeah. Y'know, andres put a lot of work into our wiki here. It's actually got lots of great info, including our own self-written intro paragraphs. Check it out. Other possible ways to get to know us (if you want): join our Discord (link in the next section as well as the sidebar), scrobble us on, and let us know if little AMAs would be welcome. Tamatsu promised he would tattoo the most upvoted question in his AMA on his back. I lied about that last part, but once we've begun the AMA he can't say no...because of the implication.
We've got High Quality Fangs™. Look at how heavily that leans to the right! Look at that 5.77 average score! Look at the fangs on the front page.
Our fangs are in reasonable demand. We're at just about the right frequency of posts for most tastes, but our average score here is 3.76. So, you know what that means don't you? Post more fangs! But not too many, just a couple or so a day maybe! To increase user activity, we are now creating a contest. If you're able to post a cute fang to this subreddit, you might be able to win UP TO 300 KARMA PER ENTRY! Please no more than that, I'm a little sad I lost the #1 post spot.
Our NSFW rules are reasonable. This is good because we weren't planning to change them. A more detailed explanation of what we do and don't allow might be good for the future, but the sidebar explanation shouldn't be any longer. The same goes for many of our other rules. These could either be done through our subreddit wiki, or through mod posts that can be linked back to (this option makes for easy feedback).
NSFW post frequency is pretty okay. The average is a 3.64 here, so some users would like just a bit more lewds. In hindsight, I regret how I made this question, as we don't want to encourage or discourage any posts that follow the rules any more than your voting already does. Rather than taking this as saying we will start events like Sexy Saturday, take this as a hint that some tasteful nudes might be welcomed with upvotes. Still, this is a moe sub and always will be focused on the cute pics.
A majority of users didn't know about our bracket contest. Now, obviously we knew this since we have over 5k subs and only 209 votes were cast in the final round, but it's a little sad to see how many people were completely unaware. It's especially odd since more people voted in the bracket than answered this survey! The first explanation is that the bracket was ran on a third-party website, and users from that site could also have found our bracket and voted. I think /anime had a big bracket start up a bit after us, as vote counts began increasing throughout the event. Also, this explains why NON-FANGED characters like Kanna and MEGUMIN made it so far by being popular instead of being posted here a lot. I'm not bitter about it, shut up! Also, the bracket wasn't advertised very well on this subreddit. Aside from the stickied post every week (which stayed there until the next week), only a handful of posts were made that even mentioned it. Stickied posts are very easy to overlook, especially since we kept them there constantly, so you would only see the change if you actually read the post title instead of just noticing the green text. I recall that /dota2 had a similar issue with low turn-out on a survey similar to this one due to stickying the post immediately, causing most users to overlook it. Oh, and this kinda explains how so many people could vote Shinobu as their favorite here while letting her lose in the bracket. That and the fact that the only way I thought to promote this survey was posting about giving Shinobu donuts.
Most people like the new Holo banner, or, err, rather the old-new Holo banner. Despite an average score of 4.88, some comments gave good feedback about the banner, and this combined with our own dissatisfaction to encourage some improvements. We didn't wait until this post to begin making changes, we got impatient (okay it's my fault this is late). The banner is still a work in progress, and CSS is very hard, but we're glad to see such a positive response.
The sidebar is alright. I've always thought it was a little too wordy, but most users seem to like it and don't think it needs an overhaul. We've put a link for explaining the trope near the top of the sidebar and clarified some rules based on comments received.
We need more flair! In the future, when we're ready, we'll probably post a flair request thread similar to /anime_irl (example). We'll also be looking into standardizing some flairs, and we'll strongly prefer requests with sample images to use.
Most users aren't interested in our weekly show discussion. We kind of already knew this due to very low turnout, but we figured that finding out the root cause might help. Still, at least 10% of users did show interest in watching the shows and discussing, but haven't due to a confusing format and lack of people to discuss with. We don't expect a majority of users to participate in Cute Little Shows, but we're interested in having it available for those interested, and we've already begun reformatting it.
We tried to get an idea about what could improve CLS also. Due to this response, as well as issues with uploading hundreds of screenshots to Imgur every week, we have already begun a new format more similar to /anime discussions. Discussion questions were also a silly idea we came up with to try and promote some participation, and andres has made a great effort to begin the discussion with this new style. We are still open to improving this format (adding links to other anime databases and providing episode information) based off of your feedback. Also, many users have suggested using Discord for similar events, and it's definitely something we're open to do if enough people are interested.
A majority of our users use Discord, either regularly or when needed for a friend/event/etc. Yeah, Discord is pretty neat, I've finally gotten my friends to ditch Skype and it's great. If you want more information about Discord, you can check out their site here.
Just under half of users have joined a subreddit Discord server. Their experience is mostly alright. Average experience is a 4.51. If I were to guess, most of these servers are for games, and it makes perfect sense to find people to play with using a subreddit about the game and its server. This being said, I know /anime_irl has a popular unofficial server for...I think they just shitpost idk.
Almost 3/4 of you didn't know we had a Discord. It's true, we do. You can join it, if you want. But it's not like we want you to join or anything! It's also a work in progress, and it's been the thing I've worked on the most other than this survey.
The most common suggestions for the server are to use it for: * Gaming events * Shitposting and memes * Extra cute images * Anime discussion (possibly CuteLittleShows) * Subreddit meta discussion
Most of these are quite reasonable. Since this survey was posted and a few extra people joined the server and gave feedback, the following changes have been made: * Added #rules text channel * Added #memes and #cute-anime-pictures text channels * Added Dyno, Discordoragi, and Miki bots * Added voice channels for music (played by Dyno) and game chat (should make more than 1 probably) * Added secret mod channel you can't see * Added #bot-commands and #current-anime text channels
BTW, don't bother playing blackjack with Miki SHE'S A FUCKING CHEATER. I'm taking suggestions for another cute bot I don't think I can handle her anymore.
And almost 1/4 of users stopped the survey here.
Some interesting comments we received here:
C: Respectfully request semi large fangs. H: I don't know if that's our jurisdiction.
C: don't forget to give Shinobu the donut! H: We didn't! I think others are getting jealous she's getting so many donuts.
C: More cute little fangs is all I want H: Me too thanks
C: Posts by users are usually images of cute girls with fangs but I'd like to see more discussion or meme worthy posts H: "Be the memes you want to see in the world." They still need to have fangs and be at least a little cute though.
C: your waifu is shit H: saY THAT TO MY FACE
C: Have a nice day H: Don't tell me what to do.
C: Ey this survey is pretty good. H: Ey thx b0ss
C: [survey is] Too short :( H: Google Forms can be a pain to work with
C: Bit long, very few questions about actual fangs H: DAMMIT, FIRST I HEAR IT'S TOO SHORT AND NOW IT'S TOO LONG! I just want to make everyone happy!
C: You had Sindarin but not Quenya as a possible language instead of Elvish as a whole. I'm not sure what to think of that. H: I think ur a nerd.
C: Keep doing what you do H: Hey, you don't even know what I do outside of Reddit, that's a bold statement.
Video games
Now that that boring shit is out of the way, let's get to the real questions.
Almost all of us play PC games. The next closest systems are mobile games (44%) and the DS (39%). Mac comes in last place with only 2% of users, but there aren't that many games on Mac in the first place. The Mac users I know just use a Windows VM to play games, and reporting this as either Mac and/or Windows is up to the individual.
Action-adventure games and RPGs are tied for the most popular. FPS, action RPG, fantasy, TPS, strategy, and platformer games were also liked by a majority of users. I only added puzzle games and an "other" write-in box after about 100 responses, so puzzle games are unfairly low. Also, shoutout to that one dude that let us know their love for eroge. Sports games are actually just that unpopular with our users, it was there the whole time.
League is the most popular MOBA. This isn't too surprising, Riot did a good job promoting their game before anyone else and giving their users Stockholm syndrome. Nobody selected Aeon of Strife, Vainglory, or WC3 DotA. I've only ever met one person that stays on WC3 DotA, and he's a dick, so I put that and AoS on there to avoid people complaining about them. I'll probably leave those two off next time. I'll admit, I'm a little sad to see Dota 2 only be picked by 8.2% of users. Contemplating the issue, I realized that there just aren't enough weeb-friendly heroes in Dota 2. Not to worry, guys, I've sent Gabe N. and IceFrog emails with some suggestions. I have an idea. It will be melee hero. Maybe cute girl... Yeah, cute girl with blades who can dash, deal area of effects damage, and slow, and also have attack speed boost, and skill shot. She will release with a maid outfit arcana.
Anti-Mage is the Dota hero of choice...kinda. It's a bit too small of a sample size to be definitive, but only AM and Sniper received more than 1 vote. Pushing back my nightmares of 6.83, I'd be willing to stack with the Bane & Tiny players. I picked WR, we can all weep together about how dumpster our favorites are.
Ahri and Lux are the most popular League champs. Annie, Quinn, Riven, Teemo, and Tristana round out the top picks. I don't know enough about these people to make a joke. There were 42 responses here, btw, not sure why it appears in some of the images and not others and I wanted to close Excel really bad when I wrote this.
D.Va is the most popular Overwatch character. The next most popular choices are Mei (shudder), Lucio, Rein, McCree, and Mercy. If we made a team with these 6 heroes, it would actually be a 2-2-2 lineup. If the DPS players are good and comfy with Mei-Cree, it could definitely work, especially on defense.
Our CS:GO players are a mix. Some are stuck in silver (because of their team), but almost as many are into bhopping and trading. The remaining minority claims to actually be good, fucking tryhards.
PUBG players are little chickens. Out of 23 people, only 1 person chose each of Mil Base, Pochinki, and South George. Come on, guys, you can't run away the whole game, you gotta get that good loot. Seriously, more of you drop Mil Base so I can hide my way into top 10 easier.
Fire-type Pokemon are the most favorited. The next most popular choice was no preference, which is lame. You people will never be gym leaders with that indecisiveness! Normal & Poison tie for last place with 1 vote each.
The average amount of mods installed on our last Skyrim playthrough was 45.87. This is even with the most popular answer being 0, but a handful of users with over 200 mods skewed the mean a fair bit. The median answer was only 20 mods, for comparison. In hindsight, I think asking about Stormcloaks vs Empire would have been more interesting.
Independent Vegas is the most popular NV ending. Well, aside from not ending the game (47.1% of all responses). It's hard to tell how many people chose this option because they haven't even played the game, and people that have done multiple playthroughs don't have a clear way to chose (I picked my favorite ending, but I never told anyone else to).
The Brotherhood is the most popular choice in Fallout 4. Again, aside from not finishing the game (52.4% of all responses). I'm a little surprised to see so many people pick the Institute. Yeah, sure, both the BoS and Institute are dicks, but the BoS is cool at least.
Warlock is the most popular Destiny class.
Zerg is the most popular Starcraft race. Hey, that big update for SC2 seems neat, though. I was never good at SC2, but I stopped following it altogether because it just seemed like endless shit patches, only to have the OP stuff replaced with different OP stuff for the next year. We'll see how it goes, I guess.
Rin is the best girl in Katawa Shoujo...? HANAKO HAD AN EARLY LEAD YOU ALL CHEATED! And where are the Lilly pads? I've never seen Lilly score so low and Rin score so high, I think this vote was hacked.
DESU VULT! A little sad to see how few of us know the wonders of Glitterhoof and Xwedodah, but I can respect you crusaders.
Most of you want to be a sharpshooter, how shocking. It's LW, don't get too excited about surviving, okay.
Mozzarella is the most popular cheese. It's a pretty great cheese, tbh. It's followed by Pepper Jack, Gouda, Cheddar, Swiss, and other. All of these are great, but how is American cheese tied for 7th? Have you guys even tried other cheeses? Ugh, fucking casual cheese eaters.
If we ordered a pizza, it would have lots of meat. Pepperoni, bacon, sausage, extra cheese, ham, and chicken are all enjoyed on pizza by a majority of users. Anchovies are the least popular topping, and only 1/4 of users enjoy pineapple pizza. I'd like to address some of the write ins: More cheese - I added extra cheese after I saw this Don't like pizza - I'm judging the shit out of you, brah. Probably should've just skipped the question, it was optional. Nothing extra - Hmm, I'm not sure if you should've just left everything unchecked or...y'know, a "Plain cheese pizza" option would've been alright, my bad Broccoli, Corn, Potato, Feta - Are we talking all together? Like on a pizza with tomato sauce? Feta works great, but idk about those first three. If it was some pizza-like flatbread they sound fine, but I'm never ordering a pizza with you. Canadian bacon - Ham was an option (half-joke, I know it's back bacon) Try mac and cheese and thank me later - Cici's Pizza's guerilla marketing campaign has gone too far. I ate there once at a middle school birthday party, and that was enough of that place for the rest of my life. Their cinnamon buns were actually pretty good tho
The most popular way to eat steak is medium rare. Excellent taste, guys. The next most popular options are rare and medium, also. It just works. And 9.4% of people clicked well done when they should have clicked overcooked, but it's okay we understand.
The Joker is the most popular Batman nemesis. By a long shot. Does this surprise anybody, though? We've had good Joker in the movies, and some of the comics focusing on him are the cream of the crop. I predicted this would happen, so I made a follow-up question: Scarecrow is the most popular nemesis when you can't pick the Joker. He's followed closely by Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy (I've seen this ship before. Coincidence?), as well as Bane and Deathstroke. Black Mask, Cluemaster, Hugo Strange, Hush, Killer Moth, Mad Hatter, Ventriloquist, and Victor Zsasz were not picked by anyone in either question. This chart shows the gain/loss for choices between questions. Two users did not vote in the second after voting in the first, and some seem to have changed to their second-favorite nemesis rather than keeping their original (non-Joker) answer.
The Wolf of Wall Street is the most popular Scorsese film. It's definitely a really fun movie, but I'm not sure if I would call it his best, y'know? Goodfellas is the next favorite, which is definitely an excellent choice. Gangs of New York (pretty good), The Departed (amazing remake of a great Hong Kong film), Taxi Driver (true classic), and Shutter Island round out the top choices.
Pulp Fiction is the most popular Tarantino film. Pulp Fiction is an iconic film, definitely happy to see how many people enjoyed it. Kill Bill and Inglourious Basterds tie for the number 2 spot, followed by Django Unchained and Reservoir Dogs (my personal fave). I'll admit I'm a little sad to see no votes for Jackie Brown. Tarantino's original works often overshadow it, and I think it's just a little unfair as it's a good movie on its own.
Here is an album of the first fictional crushes you guys had. Except like 3 people said my mother. She's not fictional, guys.
Yeezus is the most popular Yeezy album. I remember picking up MBDTF after I heard Power somewhere, falling in love, and then initially hating Yeezus. It's certainly grown on me as I've come to see it as a much more harsh version of Kanye's style. While I still can't move MBDTF from my top list, you better believe I'm in love with the drop in "Blood on the Leaves." MBDTF, Graduation, and Late Registration tie for second place. TLoP comes in 5th, followed by 808s and The College Dropout tied for 6th. A little sad to see so few votes for 808s, it's arguably the most beautiful of Kanye's albums, and it's certainly helped pave the way for some of the newer, more emotional sounds. Cruel Summer and WtT received no votes, which isn't too unfair to me. They aren't 100% Kanye albums, but they are still good albums in their own rights (even though I can't listen to WtT anymore - FUCK YOU JAY).
PogChamp and Kappa are the top Twitch emotes. If I could make a version of this with the emote images at the bottom instead of text, I would, but I don't really wanna. Surprised VoHiYo is so low, where my weebs at?
The most popular emoji are 🤔, 👌, 🍆, complaining about how much you hate emoji, and 🅱. There were too many complaints for me to bother taking them all out to make a chart.
MULAN IS THE BEST DISNEY PRINCESS. DAMN STRAIGHT SHE IS, SHE KICKS ASS! Ariel secures the second place spot, followed by Belle and Jasmine tied for third.
The years start coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming adnt hey
I thought I was a genius for the McConaughey question, but it turns out all three options just merge into one on the results page. But, hey, that's alright, alright? Alright.
Here's what's in our DNA. It's tough to gauge how many people interpreted this as an actual question asking about their personality/family, and how many just recognized it was a reference to the song by Kendrick Lamar Kung Fu Kenny. But, well, apparently most of us are loyal, while very few of us got hustle. Thanks for participating. I don't think this question will be returning. Here is the answer key if you wanted to see the reference.
Metallica is a controversial band. Look, okay, let me defend myself, I hadn't listened to them since high school when I wrote this. I wrote this because Funhaus was playing Guitar Hero Metallica when I was writing the survey, it just came into my head. I figured album ranking would be silly, since half of them are unpopular even among fans, and I knew I had to give the haters their own option. JK, that last question was a trap.
Final notes
Again, we'll leave the survey open until the 23rd if you want to participate and leave some (anonymous) feedback. Feel free to comment here if you have any more questions, comments, or concerns about the survey, subreddit, or Discord server.
We I hope to do another survey similar to this one in the future, but likely make a dedicated one for subreddit feedback and make separate surveys for the fun stuff. This probably won't happen until next year, though. Except the Katawa Shoujo question, that was hacked and we'll be redoing it soon.
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Opportunities In Materials Acquisition

Well, HFY you’ve sucked me in again. I HATE writing short stories, and I’m already writing a serial novel, but the idea of “How could humanity be exceptional in a universe full of life” is just so interesting!
Here’s another crack at that theme. Maybe you will like it. If you do, swing by the link above. Either way, I’d like to know what you think. 50% of the fun of writing this kind of stuff is talking about it afterword.
The Sol Dyson sphere was only about 1 percent complete, but that apparently meant it already it had 6 million times the surface area of Terra. I hadn't realized how huge that was until I visited the HR offices of the Sol Sphere Materials Corporation.
They had used a tiny fraction of the space they got as a principal builder of the Sphere to make several 1:1 scale models of Mars. Their HR office was on Mars 18 a version of Mars patterned after the Edgar Rice Burroughs novels. I’d never read any of those, but the Calot were cute in a strange way. The office itself was a giant crystal palace located at the top of Olympus Mons. It took up the entire 45 mile wide plateau of the massive mountain, and each individual in it had offices so big they left you feeling you were outside. Yet, I don’t think there was anyone important to the corporate hierarchy in that building or perhaps on the whole of Mars 18.
Of course, it was less an interview and more a formality.
“So,” Jenny said, “We’ve got your commercial gravitics, and shipping licenses, as well as an inspection of your ship on file. We’ve done a background checks and consulted your references, and you’ve agreed to all of the NDAs. So, as I see it, this conversation is mostly about making sure you’ve had a chance to ask all of your questions. What would you like to know about what we do here?”
“Umm.. I’ll be a ‘Materials Procurement Specialist,’ but I don’t know much about the position?”
“Sure, you know how there’s a lot of material in the sphere?”
That was an understatement. When completed, the sphere would out mass the original solar system several times. I nodded.
“When we started to gather the construction materials we assumed we’d do it the same way anyone does when they need more of some of an element: scoop up a bunch of hydrogen, compress it with gravitics until it fused, sort out the radioactive bits, and carry on with life.”
I nodded again, then realized the head waggling probably wasn’t delivering the impression I wanted, so I offered up an inanity to show I was listening, “My own spaceship has a program for that. I made a bunch of carbon just yesterday.”
“So you see why we thought nothing of it! Of course, the sphere is pretty big so we needed to start with more than just the interstellar media. We compressed a star.”
“Makes sense.”
“I know, right? But stars, as it turns out, are a wee bit hotter than the gas in deep space. If you force one to fuse into helium and then lithium and so forth it gets even hotter. Unusably hot, even.”
I thought about that. “I guess you could push it past iron. Then it would start sucking up energy.”
“Sadly, you never get to iron, because you get to quark gluon plasma first.”
Jenny smiled. She was stunningly beautiful and that made me revise my estimate of her age down. In a society of genetically engineered immortals, it can be hard to guess how old someone is but prettier people are typically younger. At first, looking really good is nice, but after a couple of centuries the extra attention gets annoying. You start to want to blend into the background until you do something worth noticing. “Still, when we poked a hole in the gravitic bottle it made a really lovely quasar. They actually flew everyone out from the office to watch. Quite pretty. To make it work we’d need vastly more surface area for the compressed material, and that would require more ships, but with more ships we can just get our materials the old fashioned way.”
“Dig it up?”
Jenny laughed, “Sort of! A materials procurement specialist collects planets with a high content in certain target elements, tows them back to the sphere, and we smash them up here for the goodness within.” She paused to consider, “I think it’s more like prospecting than mining. Does that sound like work you’d be interested in?”
. . .
“Alright, let’s snag that puppy and get out of here!”
“Captain, I’m afraid there’s a problem.” Humans have never came up with real AI. We have what is known as conversational expert systems. They’re programs with billions, or perhaps trillions, of responses arranged into careful trees each one of which can be subtly modified to convey information at least as efficiently as a human. Edsger, the ship’s main computer, was conveying that it really didn’t want me to hit it.
“What is it this time?”
“I have taken deeper scans of the gas giant. If it were to fall into the system’s sun it would stabilize it such that solar flares would no longer preclude the development of life in this system.”
Even though I’d asked, I knew what Ed was telling me, and he confirmed it. “We are not allowed to strip resources that may eventually be used by a developing race.”
“But why would the gas giant fall into the sun? It’s in a stable orbit, isn’t it?”
“It’s orbit could be perturbed by an interaction with another stellar body. I cannot perfectly predict the next 250 million years of this system’s movement around the galactic core, but I have enough data to predict it may interact with a few dozen other stars.”
“There is around a 1 percent chance during a single orbital period.”
“It’d become a binary star system! I can’t imagine any existing planetary orbit would be stable.”
That ‘don’t hit me,’ tone was back in Ed’s voice, “Over 99% of the time that’s what occurs.”
“Now correct me if I’m wrong, but there are only 4 intelligent lifeforms in the Milky Way, so that means that this star-system only has a one in a one hundred billion chance of developing life.” Ed didn’t correct me, even though I was wrong. We wouldn’t have been in the system if chemical analysis of the planets had suggested life was a possibility. “Two of those races will never leave their home planets, we’re the third, and no sane person cares about the fourth because they’re all assholes.”
“The Ultra Wolves and Lemon Kings may leave their home worlds as their stars begin to heat and expand.”
“Alright, one in a hundred billion then, not one in two or four hundred billion. So cumulatively we’ve got a, um, one in one trillion chance that life will show up here and want to mine this moon. That's about it, right, ballpark chance?”
Ed hedged, “The odds of an intelligent civilization mining this moon are too low to reliably calculate.”
“But you still won’t scoop it up?”
“Regulations absolutely prevent that, sir.”
My answer was an inarticulate growl. I’d found out why it was so easy to get the Materials Acquisition job a little while after taking it. The Sphere Materials Corp had agreed to be absolutely zero environmental impact and had accepted various governmental regulations to describe how that would be done. Panning for gold is hard, but panning for gold on a glacier with a teaspoon so you won’t break a single blade of grass is nearly impossible. Worse, I wasn’t getting paid by the hour. I’d get my money when they got their metals.
“Fine, take us to the next system away from the core.”
“That will take us very near the Lemon King exclusion zone.”
I knew that. The Lemon Kings are an almost-human race. Their ordinary citizens (Lemon Commoners perhaps?) are more or less exactly like genetically baseline humans. Physiologically that is, physically they look like a man sized crab with tentacles. However, they’ve got another subspecies that always rules their societies. Those are the kings that give the race their name. Well, that and they speak with “sent words”; the name for their species smells like a lemon.
The Kings are better than the commoners. Bigger, stronger, faster, smarter, kinder, and most of all more forward thinking. They rule really well. The Lemon Kings avoided many of humanity's tragedies, but they also worked themselves into a box. The Kings weren’t willing to risk any threat to their species as a whole, so when they reached certain technologies they just stopped. No nuclear bombs, no genetic engineering, no nanites, and definitely no gravitics.
Then they met humanity; a race that could accidentally cause quasars. The revelation of that must have been like an iron age village realizing a really clumsy giant was moving in next door. They were very polite about asking us to stay the hell away. We were polite about doing it. So a 10,000 light year wide sphere of space was ‘the Lemon King exclusion zone’. I was on the far side of it from human space; heavy atoms are more common near the core of the milky way.
However, I wasn’t in it.
“Does your programming prevent you from following my orders or collecting otherwise valid materials if you do follow them?”
There was a noticeable lag before Ed answered. I wondered if the regulations it was following were so complex even its titanic processors took a while to interpret them. “No,” it answered at length.
“Then set the course!”
. . .
“I love you! I love you! You beautiful, ugly, rock. I want to marry you and have your nickel metal core children and turn them into holographic mater emitters!”
“Captain, your metaphor is both self-contradictory and somewhat disturbing.”
“Shut it circuit face, you’ll never understand the love between a man and his heavy metal planetoid because you don’t truly have a soul!” I looked at the wall that had been turned into a view screen, and watched the flair of charged particles bending around the warp envelop of the mass we were towing. It really was a beautiful sight; so much so that I burst into whistled melody- the melody of the song “Physical Wealth” from the 3359 musical of the same name.
We had finally, finally, finally found a world I could pillage. It was the remains of a gas giant that had been orbiting very near a red giant star. Stellar winds had stripped away most of its gaseous outer layers and left only a fairly thin coating over the metallic core. Ed had been able to scan past that coating and let me know the planet I’d found was almost entirely metal. We’d used the ship gravitics to rip most of it out of the planet.
Now nearly one Earth mass worth of pure metal trailed behind us. That was a big strike. Not a fortune, but probably three normal years pay for me. I had been fantasizing about what I could do with that money ever since Ed had calculated its value. My plan was to buy a chunk of the Sol Sphere and start a business; something small and tasteful. As I understood it those recreations of fictional worlds were pretty popular. I couldn’t afford and entire mars, but with a loan, I might be able to recreate the Greece of the Iliad.
I could even set myself up as Zeus. However, I’d only go so far for authenticity. I wasn’t going to change myself into a swan to seduce any nubile maidens. That was just pervy. And how would it work anyway? A swan can’t have that big a…
“Captain,” Ed said in a worried tone breaking into my speculation. “I’m detecting an FTL signature; non-human.”
Oh hell, that could only mean one thing. Still, hope springs eternal. “Please tell me it’s probably some strange and bug eyed monster from outside of the galaxy, or perhaps from outside the very universe.”
“While I cannot absolutely reject either of those possibilities it is unlikely given our readings. The most probable explanation for the detected particles is a Stavanie FTL drive.”
“Awesome. Psychopaths off the port bow. We’re a long way out for them.”
“The Stavanie aren’t sociopaths, sir,” Ed said with the certainty of a conversational expert system that had been programmed to reject any interspecies prejudice. “We are farther than from their home world then it is believed they can travel.”
“So how did they get out here?”
“Perhaps they have achieved some technological advancement in their drive technology.”
“Or perhaps everyone on that ship is doomed, and they’re only flying it because they’ve all had bombs implanted in their brains.”
“That too is a possibility. Estimates of Stavanie gravity drive technology include survivability constraints.”
And that’s why I called them sociopaths; it was medically accurate. Humans, Lemon Kings, and Ultrawolves were all pack hunters in their prehistory. Well, Ultrawolves still are. The offshoot was we needed models of our fellow beings minds to coordinate with them. Empathy is baked right into the mold.
Stavanie were solitary hermaphroditic herbivores that lay a large number of eggs and then leave them. They see their fellow being as nothing more than competition for resources. Empathy is an alien concept- literally. Many of them aren’t even capable of language. They’re as smart as humans, but it isn’t inborn for them the way it is for us so learning to speak is like learning advanced mathematics. Their main social interaction is enslaving or stealing from one another. Though they will trade for resources if that's likely to be more efficient than taking them through brute force.
Fortunately, they’re not as advanced as humans and they never will be. Certainly they manage impressive leaps when one of their Einstein's or Wenn’s fights its way to the top of the societal pack and acquires slave armies, but that only takes them so far. For mankind a great many technologies required generations of research. The secret to offset gravitics, the technology that let us build Hawking generators and unlock basically limitless energy, had required a particle accelerator that belted the entire sun back when building such a thing had been a big deal. The Stavanie won’t do that because they don’t study things which aren’t directly beneficial.
“We can still hide from them right? Us and the rock we’re towing?”
“Of course.”
“In that case, toss the cloak of invisibility about our shoulders. I suppose we should also try to figure out what they’re killing each other about now. Move us as close to them as you can get.”
“Your orders require clarification. How close do you wish me to take us to the Stravanie position?”
“How close can we get?”
“We can intercept them in approximately an hour’s time. After that I can bring our hull directly into contact with their vehicle without being detected.”
“I am vastly superior to their ships.”
“Well don’t do that, but get us close enough for a good look.”
“Executing.” Space warped around the ship such that it was not really part of the universe. Any matter or energy Ed didn’t specifically gather would bend around it and flow past unaltered. The gravitic ripples this left were smoothed to a whisper. Thus hidden we went off to see what the Stravanie were up to.
. . .
“I now calculate there is over a 95% probability the Stravanie are headed toward the Ultrawolf homeworld or will intersect it without intending to.”
“Crap,” I muttered. I wasn’t exactly surprised. We’d followed the Stravanie armada through four star systems. We’d had no idea where they were going between the first and second ones. We’d learned each system was a fuel stop. They were skimming tritium out of the atmospheres of gas giants. As such, it wasn’t exactly a straight line. Still, in the third Ed had done a curve fit against our known data and told me there was a 50% chance they were going to go through the Utrawolf star system. This, our 4th system, apparently made it almost certain.
“OK, so we’re certain now, can we cut through the Lemon King exclusion zone to get them help?”
“No sir, certainly doesn’t matter, the exclusion zone is absolute unless I’m conducting lifesaving operations for a human.”
“We’re saving a whole species; the nicest one there is!” The Ultrawolves aren’t a technological race. Again, it’s a simple quirk in their phycology. Human desire is relative. If I build my Iliad Greece and set myself up as a god in it, soon I’d want to do Persia or Egypt as well. The bottomless well of “this is nice but it could be a bit better” in the human soul has propelled us from mud huts to a Dyson sphere and we were still trying to scratch the itch.
The Ultrawolves don’t have that. Their desire is absolute. Ed had filled me in. As long as there is a less than 1 in 10,000 chance they’ll starve, a similarly low chance they’ll be killed by a wild animal, a 1 in 1000 chance of death by disease or accident and a few other things like that for other kinds of death and injury they’re happy.
As such, they figured out how to raise herds of prey animals a couple hundred million years back and that was it. No more war, no more crime, no more technological advancement. They have a primitivistic utopia where everyone devotes themselves to art and philosophy. There are sects of Christianity that hold they never gave in to the devil like humans did, other religious and political groups have modeled whole worlds on copying their lifestyle.
The Stravanie would kill or enslave the wolves, because that was the only interaction a Stravanie could imagine with a creature that couldn’t defend itself.
“Saving non-human life is explicitly not an exception to the exclusion zone.”
“What? That’s some kind of crazy species-ism right there!”
“Shortly after the zone was formed non-humans were included but unscrupulous traders used ‘saving an Utrawolf life’ as an excuse to violate it. Statistically, there’s always an Ultrawolf dying that human tech could save.”
“This isn’t the same!”
“There is no applicable exception.”
My ship was fast. My ship was thousands of times faster than the Stravanie armada, in fact, but I couldn’t make it all the way around the exclusion zone, to the nearest human colony where I might find warships, and back in the time it would take them to travel a few dozen lightyears. Through it, yes, around it, no.
“In that case let’s provoke a fight.”
. . .
I dropped my cloak in the next system where the Stravanie stopped for fuel. They had an impressive operation going. There was a massive refinery ship sucking up huge volumes of planetary gas and then centrifuging if for heavy elements from orbit. It was an impressive technological achievement. Probably beyond anything humans could have achieved without offset gravitics. Of course, that was mainly because we’d never needed to work without offset gravitics, but still.
When we’d first spotted the Stravanie ship, Ed had told me he doubted their gravitational technology was capable of creating a safe warp envelope for that large an area. He’d detected small fluctuations in it energizing particles then allowing them into the twisted space that held the vessel. Now the ship had bodies orbiting in its weak gravity. Stravanie killed by radiation poisoning no doubt.
As soon as we were visible to the armada I had Ed broadcast a few threats, and a few demands for abject surrender. I’m not sure what a human fleet would have done if confronted by a new, and apparently hostile, race. I would have expected a certain amount of disorder. In this, the Stravanie were infinitely more prepared. A few hundred ships rotated toward me and opened fire simultaneously.
They had an impressive array of weapons. Space momentarily grew bright with the nuclear explosions, gamma ray bursts, rail gun tracer fire, and a half a dozen other things I didn’t even have a name for. One ship even activated its engines, or had them activated remotely, and attempted to ram us.
“How are we doing Ed? Any threat?”
“I’m sorry sir; there is no detectable stress in the hull.”
“Well can you switch to a weaker configuration?” Holographic matter is a misnomer. As it turns out, all matter is holographic. What seems like three dimensional subatomic particles are actual two dimensional strings. The different sorts of particles are actually holograms cast by different vibrations in the strings. By pumping preposterous amounts of energy into ordinary strings high energy vibrations can be created that cast unstable holograms for particles which don’t exist in the modern universe. One such example is the hyper energized gluons which are apparently capable of holding my hull together even with the Stravanie doing everything they could to rip it apart.
“Sorry, sir. We’re the weakest material rated for the hull of a warp capable vessel. It will stand up to minor warp field mis-calibrations.”
“Oh.” I probably should have asked that before I put my plan into effect. Ed had assured me he would defend me if the Stravanie actually became a threat. I hadn’t bothered to ask if they could scratch my paint job.
I sat in my ship while the Stravanie filled space with violent death. I let them hit me as much as they wanted. At worst, were wasting ammunition. At best, they’d manage to make a support creak ominously and Ed would reach out with our gravitics and smash them. They really put their backs into it. The bombardment went on for hours. Eventually I got bored and put a movie on.
Ed interrupted it a while later, “Sir, the armada appears to be fleeing.”
“We still can’t do anything?”
“No, sir.”
“And they’re still on course for the Ultrawolves?”
. . .
I raced ahead to the Ultrawolf home world trying to think of some way I could help them.
I considered towing their planet over to some other system, but Ed shot the idea down. He couldn’t hold a field that large stable enough for organics to survive the trip. I could cloak them, but I’d be blocking all sunlight and driving their gravity mad if I did that. Some wolves might survive, but not many. I could shield one side of the planet from bombardment with our gravitics, but not both. My sensors weren’t sharp enough to detect some of the weapons they’d demonstrated earlier if I was on the other side of the world surrounded by nuclear explosions.
I came up with a plan even so. I’d take the nickel-iron planet I’d been running around with the entire time and graviticaly twist it until it became a cap for one side of the planet. Ed said it would probably be possible for the ship’s gravity emitters to shape the various fields such that everything would stay in place and the Ultrawolf homeworld wouldn’t notice the strain. With that guarding half the planet, I could guard the other half with my ship.
I was so far from the design specs of my hardware that Ed couldn’t be certain exactly how things would work out. I could even screw up and drop a planet’s worth of heavy metal on the world I was trying to guard.
. . .
I was as ready as I could be when the Stravanie arrived. My big metal cup shield thing was in place over the night side of the Ultrawolf home world, and I was on the other. I had picked out a few Ultrawolf settlements to grab with my gravitics if my plan failed. At worst, I’d be able to save a few million of them. My ship could create a livable wrap envelope and hold heat and air in for that many, at least.
As the armada approached I broadcast a bunch of empty threats at them. I hoped they’d veer off because I’d already demonstrated all kinds of technological superiority. They ignored me. I guess I’d also already demonstrated I couldn’t particularly shoot back. They arrowed directly in on the planet, surrounded it, and opened fire on major population centers from orbit. I guess the plan was to kill a bunch of Ultrawolves from orbit so we wouldn’t have to fight them on the ground.
There’s a reason humans call the Ultrawolves, “Ultrawolves.” Well, several reasons actually. First, we can’t pronounce their name for themselves because we can’t broadcast our words in UHF. Second, they look kind of like six legged wolves. And finally, they weigh about 2 tons and can perform mind-boggling physical feats. They’re even tougher than a modern, genetically and cybernetically enhanced human and we’re not weaklings. Even with their technological advantage the Stravanie would lose if they tried to take on a healthy population.
Fortunately, Ed was able to bounce all of their bombs back into space.
On the back side of the world they pounded a single spot on my shield. I don’t know what the heck they were trying to do. Dig through it, maybe? If so, that wasn’t going to happen. The shield had a somewhat narrower cross section than the planet it was over, but not by a tremendous amount.
For a little while, the wolves were safe.
. . .
Two local days later the armada was still throwing death at the planet below me. I think they attacked so long out of desperation. I had interrupted their refueling when I’d intercepted them by the gas giant. They had probably assumed they could use the oceans of the planet below me for tritium. When I’d blocked it off, they’d had only two options. Land, or die in deep space. At least those were the two options they understood.
If they’d consented to it I could have hauled them back to their own home world, or somewhere else habitable. I’d even tried to tell them that, but they weren’t buying it. That wasn’t terribly surprising. They couldn’t understand my motivations. A Stravanie might fight to protect a valuable slave if it was certain it would win, but I hadn’t developed the planet below me so that clearly wasn’t the case and they had no concept of compassion. Without that concept, they also couldn’t understand why I’d show compassion to them. The next most logical explanation for my offer of safe passage was that I was trying to trick them into something.
I tried to explain, but my words were meaningless to them. Literally. Some of the words I wanted Ed to translate didn’t have Stravanie equivalents. What I was left with was a bunch of assertions without any logic behind them. “I don’t want the inhabitants of this planet to die.” “I don’t want you to die.” “I don’t want you to force them to do things.”
I think, in their minds, I was just contradicting myself. If I didn’t want them to die, I should allow them to make use of the beings on the planet below. They’d be more likely to live. But if I wanted them to live, what was I getting out of it?
Who knows, maybe I was contradicting myself. Human motivations and emotions make sense to humans, but there’s a gap between us as the rest of the universe. I despaired of bridging it during my arguments with the Stravanie.
. . .
The Stravanie ran out of munitions on the third day. I’d sensed it was coming. Their attacks had slowed, and they’d started trying desperate strategies. They’d massed fire. They’d spread it out. They’d used strafing runs to give their projectiles extra momentum, and they’d fired long looping shots that used orbital dynamics to attempt to hit a target. None of it had worked.
For about an hour, they sat and watched me and I sat and watched them. Stravanie ships look amazing. That’s an odd thing about them that I haven’t mentioned yet: Stravanie value aesthetics. You’d assume they wouldn’t. In humans, most art comes from a desire to communicate, and the Stravanie don’t have that. However, they do have art.
In fact, they pour more effort into art than any other race. A human slave wouldn’t care about the aesthetics of something he was crafting for a cruel master, but the Stravanie do. Everything they make is beautiful. They make delightful weapons to slaughter one another. They make cathedrals to hold their thralls. And their ships…
I can’t describe their ships. Oh, I could tell you of the shapes and colors they use. I could give you measurements and dimensions, but it wouldn’t show you one. Instead, let me say each one is pure flight, movement, and ascension given physical form yet undiluted.
Perhaps humanity is wrong about the Stravanie not having an innate desire for communication. Perhaps they do have that and each one in trapped in their own head screaming for anyone to listen. Perhaps what they lack is the ability to listen.
As they hung before me in space like a hundred jewels, I begged them to let me take them elsewhere. They ignored me. Then, en masse, they moved in to land.
. . . I considered just letting them. As I said, without an effective orbital bombardment, I was certain the Ultrawolves would win the inevitable conflict. Plus, there was a chance the wolves would be able to govern the Stravanie. They may be technologically primitive but their society and philosophy is vastly more advanced than what humans have developed.
In the end, I couldn’t. Lots of Ultrawolves would die, and I couldn’t stand by and let that happen just because the Stravanie were too bone headed to surrender. Besides, I still imagined the Stravanie might be willing to listen to me if they grew more desperate. They were out of orbital weapons, and they didn’t have enough fuel to run their warp drives, but that’s a long way from being out of food and power to run atmospheric recyclers. Perhaps I could get them to disarm before I let them land if they were truly facing immediate death. “Ed, stop the Stravanie ships,” I ordered.
“I’m sorry, sir. I can’t do that.”
“What do you mean?”
“My operational parameters prevent halting their descent in the same way they prevented me from halting their interstellar travel.”
It was kind of ironic to learn the armada could have landed at any point had they just been willing to give up on their orbital bombardment. Unfortunately, I wasn’t in the mood. “OK, maybe rotate the shield to block them?”
“I’m sorr…”
“Well let me do it!”
“Give me manual control of the shield position. I’ll turn it for you. Just hold it steady and move it where I indicate.”
There was a long pause and Ed’s simulated voice was shocked when he finally answered, “That will be possible.”
I was more than a little surprised myself. Any manipulations I made to the ships gravitics were vastly riskier than ones Ed made, so by letting me move the planetary shield the Stravanie were being put a more risk than letting Ed do it. Then I realized that’s why I was allowed to do it. Any human directed movement would need a different set of safety parameters than a computer controlled ones. Apparently, that set of safety guidelines didn’t include the protections that had kept Ed from grabbing the armada ships. “Ed, can you grab the Stravanie ships if I’m calling the shots?”
“No sir,” Ed answered and my heart fell, but then he continued, “however, I can give you control of the raw nickel iron and you can grab them with that without tripping any safety protocol.” A hologram appeared in front of me. It showed the Ultrawolf home world, and floating above it my half hemisphere of nickel looking like a shiny cup. I reached out, grabbed onto the nickel, and moved it into the path of the Stravanie ships that had been on a landing approach.
That worked, they broke off and pulled back up into high orbit. Next, I twisted off two big chunks of nickel and had Ed spread them out so they mimicked my hands. I’m not going to lie, that was cool as hell. Suddenly, out the main view port, there were these two giant shiny hands floating in space.
I gave the armada the finger.
Then I started grabbing them. Ed painted the entire star system into the bridge as a hologram. Sun, planets, and most of all the Armada floating in it like little fireflies. Then I ran around the bridge with Ed tracking the movements of my hands snatching up those fireflies. I haven’t had so much fun since I was a kid. Every time I’d get one cupped, I’d have Ed shear off a layer of the metal and I’d leave it floating in a globe that was too big for it to move.
The best part was the globes made it safer for Ed to use his gravitics to move the trapped ships. We were able to embed them in the middle of my giant hunk of metal.
In the end, I was able to catch all but one ship. The fleet dwindled with various other ships providing cover for this one big one whenever I’d snatch at it. When only it was left, it made a warp field and vanished.
I could have followed it, but I assumed it was the head of the Stravanie armada. That meant whoever was on the ship had been keeping everyone else I’d caught as slaves. It had been that being’s bright idea to come here in the first place. I didn’t feel much like saving it. Moreover, I’d pulled its teeth. Without its refinery ship it couldn’t go very far and all alone it couldn’t cause the Ultrawolves much trouble.
. . .
With the Stravanie armada encased in a massive globe of nickel iron it was safe to move them. The metal was sufficient to stop any high energy particles that got through the warp field. So Ed rolled it back up in a ball, and then hauled the whole thing back to the Sol sphere.
Sol Sphere Materials Corporation was more than a little confused by my extra cargo, so they kicked it up to the government. The government considered inventing a crime for what I’d done, and then charging me with it, but then the press got hold of the story. The press decided I was a hero and broadcast that story across human space. That ended my legal trouble. Eventually I got to sell my metal for a fat bonus and start building a recreation of the ancient Greece of legends.
The Stravanie I’d caught were, of course, taken out of my hands. There was a lot of back and forth about what to do with them. We wanted to do better by them than just sending them back to their home world where they’d be made back into slaves. However, we couldn’t make them a part of human society as they weren’t mentally equipped to understand it and live by its rules. Eventually, we sterilized them all and plunked them down on a newly terraformed world where they could live out their lives according to their own desires.
They seem happy enough. Mostly they live alone because the world is big enough for that. Sometimes they do horrible things to one another. Long term, I think something should be done about the whole race. I’m not sure what, but that’s the second thing I’ve been working on: a way of bridging the gap between them and humanity so we can actually benefit one another.
There are only four races in the Milky Way galaxy. Two of them want nothing to do with mankind, and mankind wanted nothing to do with the third. That’s not going to be a workable solution forever. There are 200 billion galaxies in the universe.
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Binary Matrix Pro Review - Does the System Worth or Scam?

Wait! Before Thinking of Buying Binary Matrix Pro Software Read My Honest and Unbiased Binary Matrix Pro System Reviews find out if it stands up to the hype! What is Binary Matrix Pro? Binary Matrix Pro is a new binary options trading software that claims to help it’s users win over 80% of their trades and earn an average of $106 per day! When I first heard about this new software I was very skeptical because there have been a lot of scam artists pushing so called “free binary options software” that were just created by the binary brokers that they represented. You may have received emails for similar offers like instant cash app, click click profit, or simple binary options. These are all scams!Even though I was skeptical, I decided to do a little research and found out Binary Matrix Pro is far different from all those other software. Unlike the scam software, Binary Matrix Pro shows you live verified stats right from their sales page. The other companies are using fake stats on their pages. If you go to the Binary Matrix Pro Sales Page right now, you can see live stats showing if people are making or losing money with the software. The Best Features of Binary Matrix Pro: Here are the key features that make this software different then the other crap that the fake gurus try to give you. Tested – These guys used 600 beta testers and the testers reported that they we winners on 80% of their trades. Low investment – Most binary option trading companies make you invest at least $20 per trade but the company associated with Binary Matrix Pro allows you to trade for as little as $5. No False claims - Unlike the scam offers, you are not told you will make thousands per day. These guys give you realistic figures and do not make any claims that they have not been able to back up. FREE Trial And Bonus – After joining you will receive $300 in free trading credits. These credits will allow you to use the software for free for 40 to 50 days and you have the option to purchase more credits after the free trial. (No Credit Card Required) Has an in-built Social Performance Reporting feature – traders SHARE their performance with the community. This prevents the company from putting out fake stats. You will see in real time how other people did with their trades and you can even share your results. 80% winning percentage – Thees results are verified by an objective third party and can be verified by clicking the verification seal on their website. Personal Account Representative for traders who join ($190/month value, provided free if joining through March 2014) Telephone support - You can contact your account manager by phone with any questions. Try that with the other scam binary trading products on the market. ==> Check Out The Binary Matrix Pro Official Website <== Who is it for? Well, you might well think that Binary Matrix Pro is only suitable for those who’re new to trading. And whilst it does indeed suit this group of users, it also can be an extremely useful tool for those who’re more experienced. It’s especially useful for those who have limited time each day to trade. And this is because the signals are provided to you 24/7, thanks to the fact that they follow markets that are open at different times around the globe. And if you’re limited on time, then having this valuable information at your fingertips really can be a massive time saver. The Pros: The software concentrates on the 6 most active pairs of currency traded. These are: EUUSD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, AUD/USD, USD/JPY and EUGBP You don’t need a fortune in the bank to commence your trading. In fact, the experts at Binary Matrix Pro recommend starting with between $200-$500 dollars. The customer support provided with the software is exceptional. For those who choose to take advantage of the personal trading representative, you can get advice by telephone, email or the customer contact form. You can also request that your account representative gives you a call back. While you’re free to trade for as long as you want, whenever you want, you can realistically expect to make a substantial profit by trading three days per week for around 40-60 minutes at a time. The Cons Well, you do need to have some knowledge of the concept behind currency pair trading. What Binary Matrix Pro does is to provide you with the information to make informed trading decisions. What it is not, is an instruction guide as to the ins and outs of trading. Binary Matrix Pro Scam? Is Binary Matrix Pro Scam? It’s seriously revolutionary in a way I can’t even explain! The only reason why I’m telling this to you today is because BMP strategies work, period. Newbies use BMP to quit their jobs, whilst experienced traders use BMP to make bigger 7 and 8 figure incomes. When you choose to use BMP, you will get an exact clone of my proven, successful business with the potential to generate a passive income Online through Binary Matrix Pro Review … and we’ll handle absolutely everything for you. Bottom Line: If you are a person who wish to get actual achievements in the binary trading, then Binary Matrix Pro is the right system for you. Binary Matrix Pro opens the achievements door for you in the field of internet trading. It is extremely recommended for professionals as well as beginners. It assures 100% achievements amount with complete satisfaction with customer service as well. It is no fraud but reality. Try it and experience success! Go grab your Binary Matrix Pro copy now so you can join the THOUSANDS that are absolutely cashing it with this Powerful software! ==> Click here to Get Instant Access Binary Matrix Pro Software <== Tags: Binary Matrix Pro, Binary Matrix Pro Review, Binary Matrix Pro Software, Binary Matrix Pro System, Binary Matrix Pro, Binary Matrix Pro Bonus, Binary Matrix Pro Free Trial, Binary Matrix Pro Review, Binary Matrix Pro Scam, Binary Matrix Pro Software, Binary Matrix Pro System, Binary Matrix Pro Testimonial
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Binary Options Strategy 2020  100% WIN GUARANTEED ... 100% Win Strategy - $20 to $3.5K - Binary Options Newest ... 60 Seconds binary options strategy 99 - 100% Winning (100% ... 2 Minutes Strategy Binary Options 2020 (IQ Options) - YouTube BEST 1 MINUTE STRATEGY FOR BINARY OPTIONS IN 2020? - YouTube SCALPING STRATEGY  Binary options trading - YouTube Never Loss 99.99% Winning Strategy  Iq Options Binary ...

Binary options trading has become increasingly trade binary options over the last decade. Day traders in particular access these markets with ease from their computers. Another draw is that entrance requires relatively little capital. This article will delve into the basic rules of the game, how market exchanges work, and several ways to strategize for the greatest profit potential. Along the ... Binary Trading has been a very lucrative and popular way of trading the markets for short term investments, and yes you can make money as long as you invest wisely rather than seeking a fast return. As was commented by Roman I will also advise you... If you want to make some money by trading 60-second binaries, then you need to employ a strategy, read charts and look for indicators before you even begin to trade. If you dont do that, then you are basically gambling your money (and you might even have a smaller chance of winning than some gamblers considering the fact that even gamblers use strategies in games like Blackjack, Craps and ... Introduce a winning portfolio with best binary options strategy results using formulas that work. Binary options are popular trading investments in today’s market that tell traders how to handle investments. Understand what binary strategies are, and why you need them to manage successful trades. Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu. To trade binary options, be sure to trade on Nadex, the Chicago Board Options Exchange, or the Cantor Exchange, which are the 3 legal markets approved by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission. You can make direct trades on all of them, but be sure to read the different rules for each market. To make informed trades, analyze fundamental information like current growth reports ... I've looked into online binary options trading a bit and it seems to me that the consensus is that very few people outside of professional traders can beat the trading sites consistently for good ... Nov. 15. Binary Options Trading Winning Strategy For Craps The Turtle Trading Strategy - Best Binary Options Winning Strategy. The Turtle Trading strategy is quite popular among many traders, search the internet for explanations as to how to make full use of it. In essence, the turtles evaluate the high and the low over the past 20 days. The Turtle Trading Strategy gives you the following signals: When the current prices move higher than the high of ... Sunday, October 16, 2016. Binary Options Trading Winning Strategy For Craps

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Binary Options Strategy 2020 100% WIN GUARANTEED ...

60 Seconds binary options strategy 99 - 100% Winning (100% profit guaranteed) 90 - 95% Winning Binary Options Strategy in case of correct prediction - 1 to 5... Easy winning strategy in #binaryoption #iqoption #forex with 100% Winning Result. This video will help you make your account profitable. Kindly subscribe the... 100% Win Strategy - $20 to $3.5K - Binary Options Newest Method 2019 Do not miss! DEMO ACCOUNT: I want to kindly ask you to subscribe m... The road to success through trading IQ option Best Bot Reviews Iq Option 2020 ,We make videos using this softwhere bot which aims to make it easier for you t... 💲💹Pocket Option: 💰💲FULL BEGINNER? Join My PERSONAL TRAINING!💴💵 BLW Trading Academy: http://www ... IQ Options - subscribe and leave a like for more videos.Online trading is a very risky investment/profession. It i... SCALPING STRATEGY Binary options trading Hi! I'm Lady Trader and in this video I'll show you the binary options strategy called scalping. More my binary op...